6 Best Tips for Professional Resume Writing

Are you not getting enough responses from the recruiters and missing out on exciting job opportunities in the market? Is your career stuck, and you’re unable to take it to the next level of success? Well, it is due to your unimpressive and unconvincing resume which cannot grab the eyeballs of recruiters and employers. Your CV is lacking that spark and extra information that your job profile needs to give your career a boost. As a result, you’re lagging behind your competitors. If you’re wondering what others are doing right when it comes to landing a lucrative job, then you must know that they are opting for professional resume writing services to stand out in the volatile job market and grab exciting employment opportunities. Here are 6 valuable tips from the professionals which will help you make your CV the best of the rest.

  1. Make it concise

You’ll become aware that making each section of your resume short and to the point, including the summary and job experience descriptions will help you make the most of it. Even recruiters also prefer those resumes that are brief and to the point where the information presented are relevant and key.

  • Ensure it is simple

A resume that attracts the attention of employees is easy and simple. This is because employers have a negligible amount of time to evaluate your resume, thus readability is the secret to thriving. It also adds to the professionalism of the CV. Hire the services of My CV Writing for getting a stellar resume created by the professionals. It offers its solutions to the clients across UK, Australia, the USA, and Ireland.

  • Include bullet points and data

According to the studies conducted, recruiters are quick to respond to a CV that includes data and bullet points, so integrating both of them will pack a punch to it. Data facilitate employers to better appreciate the value you might bring to the profile or designation they are hiring.

  • Keep the font professional

Keep the font size Arial or Times New Roman. Keep your font dimension between 10 and 12 points. It will make the CV more professional and attractive. Don’t forget to get rid of any irrelevant whitespace because excessive blank space will make your resume look sparse and cause distraction to the readers.

  • Make use of active speech

Your CV should be composed using active language without irrelevant words. Include words like“ ,” “earned,” “completed” or “accomplished.” Using these words will ensure that the employer considers you eligible for the position and convinces her/him about your credentials and what you’re likely to bring in the organization.

  • Highlight all the academic or professional achievements

Incorporating a separate “Achievements” or “Skills” part to specially highlight relevant achievements in your academics or career will surely pack a punch in the CV. You can add top 3 skills or top 5 achievements in each job role to grab the attention of recruiters.

Follow the above-mentioned tips when creating your CV and become an achiever in your career. Land yourself the job you’ve always dreamed of.

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