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A cover letter indeed holds immense value when it comes to getting an interview call. It forms the core of your job application. Understand, when applying for a job, you have to give the recruiter enough reasons to choose you for a specific job role. If not, why else would a recruiter want to invest his or her time in you? The world runs on the barter system; if you have something substantial to offer, only then will you get back something good. A cover letter is the most overlooked section but, trust us, it is vital. Nowadays, you will find recruiters asking for cover letters along with your CV or resume directly; why do you think they ask for it? They want to know more about you, and it makes sense, right?


A cover letter is more than just a piece of a document; it talks on your behalf. You must have noticed that the demand for cover letters is so high that cover letter writing services in UAE are springing up rapidly. A resume talks about your job experience in detail. But, a cover letter helps an employer understand your personality; he gets to take a closer look at your dreams, expectations, aspirations, what you want to achieve in life, and more. With the help of a cover letter, the recruiter further fathoms how you can prove yourself to be beneficial for the organization. A loosely written cover letter with no merit of its own can diminish your chances of getting a call for an interview. So, A cover letter is essential, and that is it.


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Okay, enough said, let us make things easier for you. The fundamentals of a cover letter depend on a few very straight and simple points. Take care of the fundamentals and bingo! You’re good to go, buddy. Let’s have a look, shall we?


In the first paragraph, introduce yourself: this should include a few of your strengths, skills, aspirations, dreams, and so on.


A cover letter is a ‘you’ in general, no need to jot down your education qualification or job experience in detail. You can put that information in your resume. Your cover letter should clarify your intentions and why you are a strong person appropriate for the specified position.


If you know about the company, about its operations, and more, showcase your knowledge. The recruiters would love to see what you can bring to the table. It shows your effort to understand the company and work towards helping it prosper. Sending out general cover letters can have a very negative implication as the recruiter won’t take more than a minute to understand that you are sending it just for the sake of it. To achieve your goals, you have to invest your time, carry out in-depth research on the company you want to work in, and compose a personalized cover letter that makes total sense to the hiring manager. You can jot down your reason for wanting to work with the firm. It helps the recruiter see through what you are thinking, and it is a good thing.

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